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We believe that there is no greater love than the love for food and when it comes to taste there is nothing like Chinese food. Our Goal is to serve Authentic Chinese, Indo-Chinese fusion and Thai food, catering to all your needs without burning a hole in your pocket. Experience 'Food' by dining in with us or ordering online.

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Whatever we serve, we put our best of spices to give u the best of taste

  • Arnav

    Located Right behind my hostel, A daily Staple for most of the hostelites. Sitting there & eating in the summer can be a pain as they don't have a good cooling system. Perfect for a delivery. Noodles are cheap & are somewhat close to the flavour. Ordered from here over a hundred times (Not kidding) & Asking for any Customizaction over the phone is of not use, As they'll send you the same thing anyways. Lee fu & Danmien are My all time favorite. Can be busy during lunch time, because of the Crowd from College.

  • Food Boy Bangalore

    This place is located right behind my college and is filled with students all the time. The place is small and the service is a bit slow. But the food is great. The kung pao chicken and the honey chilli potato are the popular dishes. The chicken lollipop is also amazing.

  • YumTum15

    This bloody red themed place definitely has captured my heart in terms of ambience and service. Located just behind BMSCE, szechuan dragon is a perfect place if u want to have a decent Chinese lunch. The prices are nominal and the quantity is pretty good. Had lemon pepper paneer for appetizers, American chopsuey and butter garlic noodles as main course. All of them were tasty but slightly bland for my liking. Definitely worth going again!

  • Anagha Auradkar

    We happened to find on Zomato, when we were looking for some lunch places around BMS. The entrance is not easy to find... You've to do a bit of running and asking around before you actually find the entrance on second floor.(if m not wrong) Since its close to BMS, it's thronged with college students. The food is good and reasonable. The noodles especially were really good ! It's definitely not a fine dine place... But a great place for some mouthful of Chinese without burning your pocket !

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We specialize in Szechuan Cuisine. Szechuan Cuisine is one of the eight most popular cuisines in China, renowned for its hot and spicy food.

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